Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How Snorkeling Can Save You

It started as one of the most annoying mornings of my life: the girl who lives in the room attached to mine, barged in, shouted Spanish and failed her arms all about. Since it seemed to have developed into a regular occurrence, me, my ear plugs and sleeping mask bolted out of bed and said, "I am sleeping." Which in my sleepy state I still noted was a contradictory statement. The girl left the room but not without letting me see her eyeballs roll around her head. Little did I know, I was the one being rude.

My roommate, Jaz, is one of the sweetest little Peruvian girls I ever met. Not that I've met many Peruvians but still, she's a world-class kind of sweet. She says universally nice things like, "Have sweet dreams," and "Hope you have a wonderful day!" This kindness didn't go unnoticed by one of the chefs at the resort we work at and quickly Jaz and Jon became an item.

Although Jon is 30 and Jaz 23, they were a hard partying couple, complete with an almost totaled car crash on New Years Eve and lots of close calls when buying drugs. But they liked eachother, a lot. So when Jaz decided to take an all-girls weekend trip to Puerto Rico, Jon was livid. It would be time away from him, he said, "Time that might be spent meeting another guy!" But in Jaz's mind, she loved Jon and no Don Juan from Puerto Rico could change her mind about that.

Jaz spent three blissful, drunk days frolicking about PR, celebrating San Sebastian with all the happy and also drunk boriquas. And then Jon picked her up at the airport in St Thomas.

In an unfounded and jealous rage, he threw all of Jaz's clothes, make up and cell phone out his balcony and into the waiting Caribbean sea.

Jaz was petrified that she was next to be thrown over and ran the 2 hillacious miles back to Sugar Bay and our room. Out of breath and commanding only 70% of the English language, Jaz retold the last 12 hours.

Through both of our tears and constant hugs, I told her I had befriended the owners of a chartered catamaran and we could go out of a whole day of snorkeling. Her eyes lit up. Hopefully this sea adventure will be a lot less traumatic than that of her and Jon's possessions.

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